Little Badger

Little Badger is adventurous, relaxed and very friendly. It is an embodiment of what we are / want to be. We want to travel, we want to see the world. We also want to connect more and more with nature and realize that (and how) it is possible to have a more balanced life. 

Inspired by the vastness, freshness and organic spirit of the forest - its habitat - but also for the movement, energy and urbanism of the city, Little Badger tried to combine these two realities in a project! 

Combining unique and vibrant designs with eco-friendly and high quality materials, we intend to share with all our original products! 

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Little Badger is the realization of Tiago Geraldes's dream, born in Porto and graduated in Sculpture by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. He left the job of shopkeeper to set up a Tattoo Studio and, at the same time, dedicate himself to this project that he had always dreamed of, honoring his father with the character "Little Badger". All illustrations are his own and applied to environmentally friendly materials of excellent quality. The project also has the tireless support and enthusiasm of his girlfriend, Daniela Matos, responsible for design and photography. And as dreams are not lacking, we are constantly working to make them come true!

What they say about us

"One word to define the little badger is detail! ... And perfectionism! Alright! Two words, it has to be 🤣 not only it’s amazing to have a piece with a unique design, but also, the piece comes packaged in a personalized box and it’s so cute that I use it as a decor at home!"

Cláudia Pascoal

"I want to thank Daniela and Tiago for the excellent work they have done and also for the panache and care they have in each order. The products are incredible, of an exceptional quality, with details that count a lot and make the difference of this brand! I have already ordered a sweatshirt and the last order I made was a beanie and I am very satisfied. So far I loved everything and I recommend it 100%."

Nancy Miraldo

"A fantastic brand, created with a lot of love and care. When I made my first purchase I felt like I was part of the family, first with the elephant T-shirt and now with the fox sweatshirt, super warm and comfortable for the winter. Thank you!"

Sofia Matos