Little Badger was born in an extensive and stunning forest that would inspire anyone's adventurous spirit. He has always dedicated himself to explore its paths and dense vegetation.

In addition to being an explorer and adventurer, Little Badger has always liked to draw. He spent days in a row observing everything around him and then creating unique and original illustrations. He particularly liked to draw, in his very own style, his friends from the forest, with whom he lived countless adventures.

As he grew up, he was curious to know other places in the world that should be so different, but at the same time as fantastic as his forest. And so he went on an adventure! He decided to start a trip around the world. He saw mountains, oceans, deserts and glaciers... He saw the world in its splendor and made friends everywhere!

During his long journey, he noticed that something was changing. The climate seemed to be getting hotter and hotter ... In some places he saw that the soil was drier, in others the sea level was rising. Many of his friends were suffering from these and other changes that were happening...

However, everywhere he went, Little Badger continued to draw. Everyone loved his projects and illustrations and everyone wanted to keep something from him to take home! Then he remembered that he could apply his drawings to different objects, so that all his friends could have something with his creations.

Motivated and always very sure of himself, with a lot of work and courage he decided to start his project! But he had a great concern: his idea could not be anything else that would later contribute to the destruction of the soil, water pollution and poor working conditions. He would have to use quality, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, which would excel in comfort and durability, without jeopardizing the health of the environment. He searched and searched for his forest and surroundings, for families of other animals that could help him in the manufacture and production of all products in the most sustainable way possible.

And so, walking his own path, working hard, with immense passion and dedication, Little Badger arrived in the city to start his new project! It was a new world, full of bustle and excitement, very different from the peaceful life of the forest. The city was large and imposing, with cars and many people in a great swirl. In his travels around the world, Little Badger had already seen much of its natural beauty, but never anything like the city, that place built by man.

Marveling at this new and different reality, but without ever forgetting the forest, he asked himself: could it be possible to combine these two different worlds? The natural and organic spirit of the forest with the urbanism and energy of the city?

With a unique and innovative style, creating and designing new tracks, Little Badger embraced this mission with claws and teeth. Bring together the best in both worlds and create unique pieces, of excellent quality and maximum comfort, combining bold and original designs with eco-friendly materials!

Be Bold, Be Authentic

Little Badger has always had a great passion for drawing. As he grew up he learned different techniques and secrets from great masters of Art and Culture who shared with him a lot of his knowledge. All these teachings, allied to the immense source of inspiration that is Nature, were and are very important for the creation of a very own and personal style, which results in strong, bold and original designs. Drawings that combine work and passion, characterized by a more abstract style that makes the viewer observe and carefully analyze what he sees.

Be cool, Be "Green"

Little Badger's mission was clear: to combine unique and vibrant designs with environmentally friendly, sustainable and long-lasting materials, thus creating products of excellent quality and maximum comfort.

He searched and searched for friends who could help him to realize his dream, getting acquainted everywhere, until finally he managed to assemble a group that shared his ideology. Working as a team, they managed to develop 100% sustainable products, made either from 100% Organic Cotton, or from recycled and recyclable materials.

All textile products are GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which ensure that cotton is GMO free and grown without the use of chemicals. They also have the PETA certificate, with the guarantee that all clothes are made of 100% vegan materials, and the Fair Wear certificate, which together with GOTS also guarantees compliance with international labor standards, which means that all workers are treated with dignity, with respect and good working conditions.

Little Badger is carefully analyzing everything that surrounds it and is constantly looking for new ideas to reduce its environmental impact and help make the world a better place! Any help or suggestion is sincerely appreciated!

• • •

Little Badger is an embodiment of what we are / want to be. We want to travel, we want to see the world. We also want to connect more and more with nature and realize that (and how) it is possible to have a more balanced life. Little Badger is young and adventurous, relaxed and very friendly, but he is also very concerned with nature, the environment and all those around him. It doesn't matter if we are born in the forest or in the city, we share a common value: to create, preserve and protect the world that welcomes us and all the beauty that surrounds us.

Join the family!